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LTTA 2022
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[G2 Lab. - G Floor]

  • DICAr

    Da martedi' 3 a giovedi' 5 maggio 2022 il Laboratorio AUDe dell'Universita' di Pavia (DICAr - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Architettura) ospitera' il Transnational Meeting del Progetto Europeo "H2O MAP: Innovative Learning by hydraulic heritage mapping" nell'ambito degli Erasmus+ KA2 (partenariati strategici per l'educazione scolare).

    Coordinatore per l'Universita' di Pavia: Prof. Berizzi

    May 5 - G2 Lab.

    Universita' degli Studi di Pavia
    Istituto Superiore Taramelli-Foscolo

    3 Countries
    Spain, Portugal, Italy

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    Hydraulic Heritage

  • 2nd session
    Oct 12 - G2 Lab.

Short course: Experimental Assessment & Numerical Modeling of Seismically Isolated Structural Systems
[D7 Lab. - D Floor]

  • DICAr

    May 9 - 20

    Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering
    Marco Furinghetti

    Course objectives

    The present short course consists of 24 hours of both theory and practical applications related to the experimental assessment of full-scale isolation devices, together with the numerical modeling of case study structures.
    The outcomes of dynamic tests performed to full-scale devices of real applications will be analyzed, through data reduction procedures, according to the European Standard code for Anti-Seismic devices UNI:EN15129:2009. Finally, fast design procedure will be presented for the typologies of isolators adopted in the common practice, and the seismic response of a base-isolated case study structure will be assessed, through Non-Linear Time History Analysis (NLTHA), by means of a commercial F.E.M. software.

    The following topics are included:

    • Introduction to Seismic Isolation
    • European standard for Anti-Seismic devices
    • Data reduction of dynamic tests on full-scale isolators
    • Tutorial on modeling of isolated structures in SAP2000
    • Fast design procedures for isolation systems
    • Definition of a case study structure
    • Selection of the seismic input for NLTHA
    • Modeling and analysis of the isolated structural system
    • Simplified lumped mass oscillators
    • Analysis of results

    The short course will be both in person (@ University of Pavia) and remotely streamed (@ zoom platform).
    To subscribe: postlaurea@iusspavia.it

    IUSS - Corsi Comprensione e Gestione delle Situazioni Estreme

  • Brochure 'Experimental Assessment & Numerical Modeling of Seismically Isolated Structural Systems'